Collaborating With New Leaf to Bring Your Vision to Life

Published February 01, 2024

Guest Writer Teri Silver

Living the Carolina lifestyle is a dream, and now you’re ready for that dream to come true. Collaborating with New Leaf Builders will bring your vision to life—they specialize in creating stunning homes along the coast.

 Where to start? Where else, the Carolinas! In fact, Charleston, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina are two areas noted for Southern charm and beachfront and nearby coastal living.  

In Charleston, choose from communities in Nexton, Hayes Park, Daniel’s Orchard, and Middleborough—just to name a few. New Leaf Builders will build your dream house on your lot, or you can purchase a home ready for occupancy.

In Wilmington, living along the Cape Fear River is a short hop to town where you’ll find quaint boutiques, horse-drawn carriages, and tasty local cuisine. Sand lovers have a short drive to Kure, Wrightsville, and Carolina beaches. Just south of downtown, the Riverlights community is growing, ready for your new-build or to move right in.

Style Your Nest - a side-by-side comparison of two different kitchen setups

Style Your Nest

Whether you choose a pre-designed “spec” home or Build On Your Lot plan, New Leaf Builders creates a unique piece of property. With so many choices for lighting, floor covering, cabinetry, trim, and other odds and ends, each home is different from its neighbors. 

Consider a Style Your Nest home—a fully personalized home plan that can be completed in as little as 120 days after drywall is in, allowing for a quick and painless timeline. 

The Jackson floor plan in Riverlights

Quick Move-In Homes

Move-in-ready homes are available for those who want to delve right into their new lifestyle. For example, in Summerville, you’ll find various-sized houses and townhomes with two, three, or four bedrooms and two to three-and-half bathrooms. Wilmington’s residential pre-built homes have similar sizing.

The Build On Your Lot "Doubler" Floor Plan

Build On Your Lot

If you want to build on your lot, first, you need to buy some land and then determine your layout. The size of your property should include enough room for building and landscaping—and don’t forget about landscaping around a fence.

If your vision includes hiring an architect to draft a house plan, keep in mind that this process can be very expensive and time-consuming. Offered exclusively in Charleston, New Leaf’s Build On Your Lot program allows buyers the top-quality home plans, semi-customized to create something truly tailored to your preferences and lifestyle, at a more affordable price than a fully custom home. New Leaf Builders has many customizable build-on-your-lot floor plans ready for construction. Floor plans consider the size and shape, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, doors, windows, and overall style. 

Living room with shiplap fireplace

Customizable Options

All houses are built with standard features like heating and air conditioning, hardware, and carpet. New Leaf Builders offers interior add-ons such as ceramic tile for the bath and laundry rooms, smooth ceilings, specialized lighting, smart home automation, and hardwood flooring. Customizable options include energy-efficient appliances, roof barrier sheathing, granite or quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops, upgraded tubs and vanities, and more.

Aneto Model Home in Nexton

Follow the Rules

Residential communities have many rules for home building, even (or especially) when you’re building a completely customized house. Neighborhoods may have specific rules, such as a requirement to join a Homeowners Association (HOA).

In South Carolina, residential building codes include regulations for mechanical, plumbing, electrical, sanitation, and safety features. Unless you’re an expert in construction and housing laws, know all about permits and building codes, and can remedy all violations, the building process is best left to the experts. New Leaf Builders will walk you through the process of customizing your own home in the Charleston and Wilmington areas.  

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf? Plant a tree and make your Carolina lifestyle dream happen. Whether you “go beach” or prefer a quiet neighborhood, consult New Leaf Builders for expert advice on building a home from scratch or purchasing a ready-built house in move-in condition.   

Teri Silver is a journalist and outdoor enthusiast. She and her husband live on 5 acres with a vast lawn, three gardens, a farm, a pond, many trees, and a lot of yard work! The best parts of the year are summer and fall when home-grown veggies are on the dinner table.

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