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New Leaf Builders is a homebuilder with a passion for the Lowcountry and a focus on responsible building standards.

We believe there’s no place quite like home. Through our craft, our team strives to celebrate, preserve and uplift this remarkable region.

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“Since moving into our home in January of 2016 we have been thrilled with the home built for us.  It was such a rewarding experience for Cassie to work with your team to lay out a perfect house for our family and then see it through to completion.  It is the perfect house for our family.  As we reflect on our experience during Hurricane Irma our love for home has only increased.  As the weather worsened from stormy to scary, we felt safe in sound in the new construction that sheltered us from the storm.  With trees cracking and our power failing, we started to hear the hurricane warnings on our phones.  It was such a great relief to be able to shuffle our kids under the stairs and into the ‘tornado room’ that Alan included as a last-minute addition to the house.  Everything went so well in what could have been a frightening and harrowing experience.  Thank you for our home.” – Tim and Cassie McManus
“We were so very pleased with Grant and Adam and all of their contractors. Exceptional people- knowledgeable builders & outstanding craftsmanship. Three areas of our home that are quite impressive are the recycled glass bar, the huge walk-in shower, and the custom built fireplace!” – Lynda and Jim Cardo
“Our friends and family thought we were crazy to go the design-build route, but we had a great experience with New Leaf. From the moment we walked in the door with a hand-drawn sketch of a floor plan, Grant and the whole team helped us come up with a design for the house that is exactly what we wanted. During the building phase, Alan, our project manager, was there every step of the way coming up with creative ideas to give the house a cohesive look and going above and beyond the call of duty with a problem with the hot tub at the end of the build. At every step of the process Grant and Alan listened carefully and worked to bring our vision to life. We love our new home and have the satisfaction of knowing it is not only beautiful but well-built!” – Idee Winfield and Randy Busing
“One of the best things about New Leaf Builders is that it is so easy to think of them not as a company, but as Adam and Grant. Their knowledge and skill about construction and real estate really impressed me; since this was my first house, though, their patience, attentiveness, and support is what has meant the most to me. I will certainly work with Adam and Grant for my next house, though I don’t think I will ever want to leave this one!” – Jessica Nowak
“Adam and Grant were a pleasure to work with while finishing my home. They were very responsive and willing to meet all my needs. I love my house very much and think New Leaf did a fabulous job on it! I would recommend them to anyone who is building or remodeling their homes.” – Carnes Eiserhardt
“I loved working with New Leaf from start to finish on my new home, which I call my beautiful bunker. The walls are so thick and construction so solid and detailed. I love it! Everything was a pleasure, even during the relative distress of moving. Excellent communication, one on one conferencing on in-home detailing, always available and amenable staff. Professionals from top to bottom. I am sold for life!” – Holly Herrick

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