Custom Build Interview Pt1

Published June 10, 2016

Recently we completed the Watson’s custom build home in Clearview neighborhood on James Island. The Watson family was a pleasure to work with and we are thrilled that they have moved into their new home. 

Q: Why did you decide to build a home?

A: It was time for more space for our little family. We had been in our brick ranch in White House Plantation for nearly a decade – much longer than we thought we would! After we looked around at the existing homes on James Island, we were lucky to find a lot that would work, and give us the opportunity to build something that was uniquely our home from the ground up.

Q: How did you find New Leaf Builders?

A: Through friends and acquaintances. We are Clemson Tigers and so are Grant and Jennifer Zinkon. We had also heard about the homes they had been building in Eagle Wood near the JIYSC soccer fields and in other areas, and were impressed with their work and building approach. We trusted Grant and New Leaf to build a house that they would be proud of.

Q: Why did you choose New Leaf Builders to build your new home?

A: They build a quality product and we trust them. We looked at a few of their houses too.

Q: What did you like most about working with New Leaf Builders?

A: They were easy to communicate with and they are very responsive. I knew we were going to get a great home and never worried that they would cut corners or not treat this build as if it was their own home.

Q: Did the project manager do anything above and beyond expectations?

A: Our project manager, Will, was attentive, honest, and extremely helpful. Between Grant and Will, we could get honest opinions on everything. There are a ton of choices in building a custom home, it’s helpful to have suggestions about what would look good and experiences from what they have had.

Q: When you walk in your house, how would you describe what you feel?

A: I feel at home and happy.  Right away, we felt comfortable. We had been in the house throughout the build and picked out nearly everything, so it quickly felt like home.

Q: What is your favorite feature in your new home?

A: There are so many aspects I love – from the open kitchen and living area, to the master bathroom and shower, to the front and back porches where we’ll spend a lot of our time.

Q: When you think of the word “home” what comes to mind?

A: A home isn’t just a house – a home is a place where your family and friends can be together and create memories.

Q: How did the New Leaf Builders team deliver on your expectations?

A: They exceeded our expectations.

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