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A Perfect Fit With Build On Your Lot

Published January 06, 2020

Building on your own land offers many unique benefits over traditionally buying in a neighborhood. Owning your own land gives you the control over every aspect of what goes on the property, and is the first step to building your dream home.

Now that you have your property, you’re ready to select your home plan. A great way to start is by defining how much square footage you are looking for, which can be based around your lot size. Our Build On Your Lot catalog is divided into 4 size categories, from conservative 1,200 to a luxurious 3,000+ square foot home plans. 

Got a plan or two in mind? Let’s work together to fine-tune based on your lot’s orientation and size. From there we’ll help you every step of the way to making your dream home come to life.

Ready to get started? Contact us, browse our Build On Your Lot catalog below, or visit our Build On Your Lot page to learn more.


1200-2200 SqFt

2200-2600 SqFt

2600-3000 SqFt

3000+ SqFt

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