The Importance of Selecting Your Perfect Homesite

Published December 04, 2023

Guest Writer Caleb Leonard

They say, “Home is where the heart is,” while that may be true, selecting your perfect home site also requires some brain power. Your home’s location significantly impacts your quality of life and your wallet.

Discover why choosing the right homesite matters, how New Leaf can help you make your coastal North or South Carolina dreams come true, plus details you may have overlooked.

Porch overlooking coastal Lowcountry waterfront and marsh

Location, Location, Location

The old real estate adage applies: The location of your home is paramount. After all, your location and surroundings shape your routine.

New Leaf offers gorgeous homes across South Carolina built to match your lifestyle. Enjoy coastal living in charming seaside destinations or soulful jazz among historic plantations.


Charleston delights visitors and residents with its historic cobblestone streets and proximity to pristine beaches. The city exudes warmth and hospitality with its rich tapestry of Gullah cuisine, moss-covered trees, antebellum plantations, and Southern jazz.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet community or a thriving, cutting-edge neighborhood, you can find your home in this beautiful, historic city.


Get the best of both worlds with a relaxing riverfront lifestyle within driving distance of the crash of ocean waves. Historic charm blends seamlessly with modern vitality in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Nestled along the Cape Fear River, this coastal gem boasts a lively waterfront adorned with colorful historic buildings and a bustling riverwalk.

Courtyard of Domus Collection home in Nexton

Size Matters

The size of your homesite impacts your home’s functionality, maintenance requirements, and lifestyle. The ideal size of a home site is determined by your needs, preferences, budget, and the area’s real estate market.

With New Leaf’s Build On Your Lot Program, you can customize your dream home to your lot for maximum impact and functionality. Consider the following tips when designing your home:

Family Size and Composition

Start by considering the number of members in your family (and their ages). Families with children typically require more space, while couples and empty nesters may prefer smaller lots.

Outdoor Space

Think about your outdoor living preferences. A lot with a big yard may be desirable for homeowners who enjoy gardening and outdoor activities. In contrast, a smaller lot might be more appropriate for those with a busy lifestyle or low-maintenance needs.

New Leaf’s outvillas (part of the Domus Collection homes at Nexton) are perfect for customizing your outdoor space. Choose from a cozy guest casita, a fully furnished cabana, a potter’s shed, or a chic outdoor living space under a gazebo.


Your lot size can affect your privacy. Those who seek seclusion may benefit from a more considerable lot because it provides more distance from neighbors.


Larger home sites require more landscaping, lawn care, and general upkeep. Consider the maintenance involved before opting for a large lot.


The cost of a homesite is directly tied to its size. Larger lots are more expensive. Assess your budget carefully to determine what size lot you can afford without overextending yourself.

Future Expansion

What are your long-term plans for the lot? If you anticipate adding to your home or creating additional structures, you’ll need a larger lot to accommodate these additions.

Open yard space of Build On Your Lot "Crew" plan

Shapes Galore

The shape of your lot is another factor to consider when selecting a homesite. Corner lots accommodate different lifestyles than homes in cul de sacs or tight-knit communities. Your home’s design, layout, and parking options are all affected by the shape of your lot.

New Leaf’s Build On Your Lot Program is a great resource for oddly shaped lots. Selecting the proper lot promotes a comfortable living environment, allows for creative home designs, and ensures efficient use of space. Your home site’s shape also influences natural light, privacy, outdoor space, and landscaping possibilities.

Beautiful tree-covered homesite of the Bohicket Build On Your Lot home

Home Sweet Homesite

Finding the perfect homesite can enhance your daily life. The New Leaf team will ensure that your homesite aligns with your needs, lifestyle, and long-term goals, making your house a proper home and a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re looking to be near the beach, historic downtown, or dream of a riverfront boardwalk, New Leaf has a homesite for you.

Caleb Leonard is a freelance writer and marketing professional. A graduate of the University of North Texas, his interests include gardening, podcasts, and studying Spanish.

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