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Life of a Domus Collection Homeowner

Published February 16, 2021

When Cassie and Scott Cataline – oh, and their canine roommate, Riva – decided to move to Nexton, they knew they wanted one of New Leaf’s Domus Collection homes.

Big on outdoor living, boating and socializing, the Catalines were drawn as much to the “adorable” Atria floorplan home, as they were to the indoor/outdoor living it features. But the feature that sealed the deal was a bit of a surprise: the Cabana.

Each Domus home centers on a signature courtyard – an ode to classic Roman villa styles. They also come finished with an outvilla – which range in sophistication from “she sheds” to full dependencies. The Catalines’ house was built with a Cabana, a 315 square foot suite connected to the airy, light-filled house by outdoor hard-scaping. It has become the heart of their new home.

“People drive by and wonder what happens in this tiny building,” says Cassie, who spends plenty of her days fighting husband Scott for office privileges in the Cabana. It’s also come in handy when guests visit from out of town, and for a recent, brief quarantine need.

For the Catalines, the Cabana represents a tiny escape from home… just a few strides from the back door. But, Cassie admits, there isn’t much need to “escape.”

In their new Atria I floorplan – which was originally built on spec – they enjoy a bright, expansive kitchen. It’s the perfect spot for their custom-made Landrum table. The home’s bedrooms and baths are also finished beautifully, and link conveniently to the courtyard space out back. The house is ADA compliant, which they know could come in handy for entertaining any time, and for possible future resale.

Located at the “tippy top of Brighton Park,” the house also attracted them because it is set in an already vibrant neighborhood, centered around a small park. “Our street has attracted really great people, and we all seem to appreciate that each of these New Leaf homes looks unique, and lives really well,” Cassie concluded.

And what about Riva, the Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian truffle dog) who runs the show Chez Cataline? Too busy lazing in the sun to make a comment.

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