Announcing the Domus Collection

Coming Soon to Summerville

Rusland Plantation Cox Custom Home

A new style of home,
designed over two thousand years ago.

A classical home design becomes new again with the Domus Collection from New Leaf Builders. Based on the Roman architectural style, the Domus was an urban villa featuring an open courtyard of peaceful gardens and pools, and a place where residents could entertain guests out of the home.

Rusland Plantation Cox Custom Home

*All images are concept only, and do not fully represent the final product.

Each home in the Domus Collection features a private, enclosed courtyard to provide a unique indoor/outdoor living experience. All of the major living spaces include courtyard access or views. Entrance is gained from the street via a covered loggia into the courtyard, giving homeowners and guests a true sense of arrival. Entertain guests in a fun, relaxed setting or enjoy a private glass of wine in your own secret garden.

The Domus Collection is coming soon to Summerville.

Rusland Plantation Cox Custom Home
Rusland Plantation Cox Custom Home

 A standard garden shed comes with each Domus, but can be upgraded to a full ADU building, the Cabana or Casita designs.

The Cabana is an open concept design complete with a sitting room, full bathroom and kitchenette and is perfect to be used as a pool house, a short term guest house, art studio, office or retreat. The Casita is a true guest house designed with a living room, kitchenette, full bathroom and full bedroom. 

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