Did you see us on Lowcountry Live?

Live on ABC News4 This Week

Published October 01, 2020

Here at the tail end of the Where Do You Love campaign, we’ve experienced some great opportunities. Earlier this week, we planned on having Adam Baslow on Lowcountry Live to talk a little bit about the campaign, but due to scheduling conflicts, required us to move the interview out to Wednesday. In his absence, account executive Olivia Saber stepped in to tell the Lowcountry a little bit about what we’ve been working on.

The change in date allowed us to bump the Where Do You Love campaign out to Friday, allowing our audience a couple extra days to participate!

Watch the interview below, or at the ABC News4 website here. 


The #WhereDoYouLove campaign invited everyone to share what they’ve come to love about their homes – wherever it is, and whoever built it. Users were prompted to take a photo of the place you love most within the place you live. Post it to your own feeds with hashtags: #WhereDoYouLoveCHS. The selected winner receives a luxury staycation in a fully equipped home within the Kiawah River community on Johns Island. Staycation weekend for six features a refrigerator fully stocked by STEW, a private chef-made and wine-accompanied dinner one evening, fire pit complete with s’mores gear and a Coastal Expeditions kayak tour.

“These past few months have had a profound impact on people’s lives,” says Adam Baslow, partner at New Leaf. “We think this is a great time to re-focus on the positives in our lives. Show the world that pillow fort in your FROG, that container garden on your back patio, or the gourmet dish you’ve learned to whip up. This campaign is all about celebrating the memories we make while we live our real lives.”

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