Low Maintenance, High Reward Townhome Living

The Townhomes at Daniel's Orchard

Published March 30, 2022

Many of today’s homebuyers are looking for a way of living that’s low-maintenance yet high-reward. Easy access to an active downtown destination is high on their list but so also is the option to retreat to a quieter, well-kept refuge at the end of the day. And, due to their busy schedule or a desire to slow their pace—or a little bit of both—these homebuyers want the best of in-town living without the hassle of looking after lawns, exteriors, and the other heavy-lifting upkeep tasks that come with single-family homes.

If this is the kind of lifestyle you’re looking to create for yourself, you’ll experience all of it and far more with the decision to purchase a townhome. Townhome living is an increasingly popular way to achieve a balance of urban convenience and laid-back retreat when other home options offer mostly one or the other.

New Leaf’s Luxury Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard

When designed and built by New Leaf, townhomes rise to the highest level of quality. Our new Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard, a stone’s throw from historic downtown Summerville, embody the high-end experience you’d expect of any luxury single-family home while amplifying the benefits of townhome living that make it so desirable.

Historic downtown is close enough to walk, with plenty to do even closer to home. Community is an essential part of townhome living, both in the urban life that’s easily accessible nearby and the atmosphere cultivated by the townhome community itself. It would be difficult to outdo the community surrounding The Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard, a pedestrian community with growing marketplace located only half a mile from historic downtown Summerville.

From your townhome in Daniel’s Orchard, you can walk, bike, or drive to town in minutes and visit your favorite places to gather, shop, and relax in Summerville. Or, continue on for less than half an hour to Charleston, its adjoining Lowcountry beaches, and everything the peninsula beckons for you to explore.

When you want to stay in your own neighborhood, stop by one of the businesses located right down the street, relax in a gazebo in one of the community’s private green spaces, or take an easy stroll to one of multiple nearby parks, like Azalea Park and Hutchinson Park—the namesakes for our Daniel’s Orchard townhome floor plans.

No need to sacrifice space

You’ll find plenty of benefits of The Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard while you’re at home as well. Each townhome offers a secret spaciousness that rivals the square footage of many a single-family residence, with three-story floor plans starting at 1,850 square feet. This abundance of space is truly a luxury in townhome living, affording the same privacy and freedom of movement that you’d find in a detached home. To that point, every townhome features three and a half baths and a flexible number of bedrooms—up to three bedrooms with the Hutchinson floorplan or up to four bedrooms with the Azalea floorplan.

Add to that your beautiful deck and porch living spaces and you have the ability to entertain, work, or relax as you see fit. Comfortably host guests in their own suite, set up a dedicated home office, or spread out for the family to enjoy different activities in separate areas of the home.

Sea Island Hamlet dining room of furnished model home

Attached parking makes coming home even more pleasant

The generous space offered by the the Daniel’s Orchard townhomes includes an attached 2-car garage tucked under and in the back of the home for safe and out-of-the-way parking, a luxury amenity is not often offered in many other townhomes, or a good number of single-family homes for that matter. Since your car is parked within your enclosed property space, you’ll have a simpler time getting in and out of the house and far more convenience bringing in groceries or loading up for your next trip.

Daniel's Orchard Townhomes feature two car garages
Daniel's Orchard Townhomes feature two car garages

Optional in-home elevator for maximum ease of moving around the space

As another luxury amenity, each townhome at Daniel’s Orchard offers a built-in elevator option that connects the floors, from the ground level and garage up to the third story. Whether you’re moving household items around, unpacking the car, or need to skip the stairs for accessibility and safety purposes, an in-home elevator is a comfort upgrade for any property type and especially for your three-story townhome.

Maintenance done for you

Townhome living also means that you’ll have no more yardwork to do—ever. And yet, especially at your townhome at Daniel’s Orchard, you’ll still look out your window to beautiful landscaping, relax in the community’s lush green spaces, and admire head-turning curb appeal, all maintained for your enjoyment while you focus on the activities that matter most to you.

Daniel's Orchard Townhomes Elevation Rendering

Personalization and luxury finishes for the final touch of quality

Our floorplans for The Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard offer New Leaf’s thoughtful, tailored personalization upgrades to match your ideal lifestyle and preferences. You might choose the in-home elevator, an extra finished bedroom on the ground floor, or a particular space configuration that matches your needs best.

You’ll also notice the attention to detail in the surfaces that surround you in the home, with lofty nine-foot ceilings, granite or quartz countertops in the kitchen and baths, tiled shower in the master suite, and high-end craftsmanship choices in flooring, appliance, and hardware throughout.

Sea Island Hamlet kitchen of furnished model home
Sea Island Hamlet dining room of furnished model home

Exclusive Townhome Availability in Daniel’s Orchard

If Daniel’s Orchard and the benefits of a townhome lifestyle appeal to you, don’t wait to schedule your visit. The Townhomes at Daniel’s Orchard are a unique opportunity, as just fourteen homebuyers will enjoy this new townhome construction, tailored to their choices and preferences.

Reach out and let us help you personalize your townhome lifestyle in the established and well-placed community of Daniel’s Orchard. 

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