How Will You Decorate Your New Home?

Make Your Home Uniquely Yours

Published October 21, 2019

The excitement of building your own home comes with many design options right from the start, from flooring options, paint colors, and other finishing details. These are the things that make your home yours, unlike anyone elses.

But after the building process is done, you’re left with an unfurnished home, a blank canvas, for you to decorate in any way you like. The stools that go in your kitchen, the carpets and runners in the hallway, and the artwork on your walls.

How will you make your home yours? After a trip through Celadon you might find the perfect living room set, bedding, or bath accessories. Find a cool custom built table from Landrum Tables. Choose your favorite artwork from any of Charleston’s many art galleries downtown.

Need some inspiration? The photos below show one of our homes in The Villages in St. Johns Woods on Johns Island, which ended up being featured in Azalea Magazine a while back. Of course there’s always Pinterest, an amazing resource for DIY projects and home trends; as well as Instagram hashtags for #interiordesign, #dreamhome, and more!

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