Drones Delivering Homes at Nexton

Tour the Domus Collection on Facebook Live

This Saturday, May 2nd, Nexton hosts it’s Drones Delivering Homes event on Facebook Live!

As the first homes of the Domus Collection are nearing completion, (you may have seen our 1 Minute Walkthroughs) this event comes in perfect timing to get a closer look at these amazing homes. Join New Leaf’s Glen Wilkes on Saturday, May 2 on Facebook Live as we get a drone tour of Nexton, Brighton Park, and the all new Domus Collection!


Contact Glen Wilkes at 843.530-7045 or email glen@newleafsc.com

Facebook Live

Saturday, May 2
10:00am – 11:00am

A new style of home, designed over two thousand years ago.

A classical home design becomes new again with the Domus Collection from New Leaf Builders. Based on the Roman architectural style, the Domus was an urban villa featuring an open courtyard of peaceful gardens and pools, and a place where residents could entertain guests out of the home.

Each home in the Domus Collection features a private, enclosed courtyard to provide a unique indoor/outdoor living experience. All of the major living spaces include courtyard access or views. Entrance is gained from the street via a covered loggia into the courtyard, giving homeowners and guests a true sense of arrival. Entertain guests in a fun, relaxed setting or enjoy a private glass of wine in your own secret garden. 

Visit newleafsc.com/nexton for more details as they develop, or contact Glen Wilkes 843.530.7045 to learn more.